Trotting Farm

General information

The farm is situated in between the cites of Kalmar and Karlskrona and is about 16 hectares in size. It has a close proximity to the ocean and the small town of Bergkvara. About 7km away is the town of Torsås that has most facilities needed for everyday life such as groceries, pharmacy, bakery, dentist and general physicians.

The farm is located within 100m from E22 (road). To get to the city of Kalmar and their trotting track takes about 25 minutes. Other tracks withing 230km includes Jägersro, Halmstad, Mantorp, Tingsryd and Vaggeryd. The roads to each of the tracks are of good quality.

About 75 hay bales can be harvested each year on the farm which helps reduce feeding costs.

For more information don't hesistate to contact us.

Phone: +4670 621 16 20




The main house have 2 bedrooms, an office/study, living room, two bathrooms, a laundry and a kitchen as well as a storage room and walk in closet. It is 130 square meters in size.


The guest house is about 48 square meters, and consists of one big room that funtions as a kitchen, living room and bedroom that also has a loft. The guesthouse also have a bathroom/toilet with a shower, and is prepared for a washing machine.


There are 12 big paddocks with the mean size of 4500 square meters each. Five of them are made specificly for stallions with extra space inbetween.

Training facilities includes one horse walker, with room for six horses, a round track which is 1000m long, a sand track of 600m and a straight track that is 700m long.

Stable and auxilliary buildings

The main (white) stable has room for 9 horses that will have access to 12 square meters each, as well as windows to the outside. There is also washing facilities for the horses, with hot water, inside the stable. Ventilation in the stable depends on the heat and moisture in the air.

The other (red) stable, that also serves as farrier (hoof care) facility, has room for 6 horses. They will have about 9 square meters each, and their own window to the outside. There are plenty of room for preparing the horses for work in this part of the stable. There are also room for hay and sawdust used for the boxes.

On the farm there are vehicles such as a tractor, horse bus, big lawn mover and a lot of other equipment used for maintaining tracks and farm.